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2018 January Title Notes E-News

  • Holiday Schedules, Office and Courthouse Closures
  • How to be a Better Leader in 2018!
  • 2018 Regulatory Changes Your Bank Should Be Watching
  • David Stevens: Here's the MBA View on GSE Reform
  • Why SMB Lending Equals Smart Money for Banks
  • How to Worry Better
  • Real Estate News

December 2017 Title Notes E-News

  • Holiday Schedules, Office and Courthouse Closures
  • MBA Chairman on Trade Group's Top 3 Priorities for Next Year
  • Why It's Up To You To Create a Civil Workplace
  • 14 Signs of a High-Performing Bank
  • The Perils and Pitfalls of the Gift Deed
  • 7 Reasons Why You're Not Getting Closer To Your Goals
  • The 6 B's of Effective Networking
  • Bipartisan Dodd-Frank Rollback Could Benefit Banks Big and Small
  • Real Estate News

November 2017 Title Notes E-News

  • Holiday Schedules, Office and Courthouse Closures
  • MBA Economists: Here's What Mortgage Rates Are Going To Do in 2018 and Beyond
  • Fighting Insecurity Over Cybersecurity
  • 5 Ways to Improve Your Professional Reputation
  • The Rose of SMB Lending at Community Banks is Changing
  • How to Create a GREAT Business Development Plan
  • Real Estate News
  • Nuts and Bolts of a Like-Kind Exchange
  • Bankers Title Salutes Our Veterans

October 2017 Title Notes E-News

  • TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosures Update
  • New Scam Steals Real Estate Transaction Details
  • Educational Resources Regarding Wire Fraud and Protecting NPI
  • Holiday Schedules, Office and Courthouse Closures
  • The Difference Between Open-Minded and Close-Minded People
  • Inside the Banker's Bran: Five Mental Modes That Undermine Your Culture
  • How the Increasing Nonbank Origination Share is Changing the Housing Market
  • Mortgage Lending and the Wonders of Day 1 Certainty
  • How FinTechs Finally Found Allure in Community Banks
  • The Top Hopes and Fears of Would-Be Small Business Owners
  • Featured Leadership Articles
  • Real Estate News

September 2017 Title Notes E-News

  • Things I Learned
  • Bankers Title Welcomes Kate Flippen to the Team
  • 15 Things That Make a Top Performing Banker
  • The Talent of Talent Management: Attracting it, retaining it, engaging it
  • Claims Corner: You Can't Get There From Here
  • How Long Until eClosings are Standard Practice for Mortgages?
  • Lending a Hand: As commercial real estate loans grow, here's what to know
  • Community Bank Credit Comeback: Small-bank lending bounces back in Q2; outlook remains strong
  • Lessons from the "Best Banks" on Dealing with M&A
  • Real Estate News

August 2017 Title Notes E-News

  • 10 Harmless Mind Tricks That Make People Like You
  • Are You Driven Like Ford Lately: Why Banking Execs Should Study the Automaker's CEO Turnover
  • Protect Your Best - or Suffer Next "Lift Out"
  • Good Funds -- Good Policies
  • What are Homebuyers Really Search For? Google Gives us the Answer, Literally
  • Touch + Tech = Small Business Banking Success
  • Angling for Commercial Prospects
  • A vicious cybercyle: Hackers attach, banks react, hackers strike back
  • Real Estate News

July 2017 Title Notes E-News

  • Special Notice - Commonwealth of Virginia Recording Fee Increase July 1
  • Wire Fraud: A new nightmare for real estate conveyancers and title companies
  • What a Coaching Conversation Should Look Like
  • 13 Influencers You Should be Following to be a Better Leader
  • Bankers Title Welcomes Kim Stromberg Lee to the Team
  • Anticipated Growth May Spur Small-Business Lending, New Account
  • Taking care of small business: Winning back SMBs and lost loan relationships
  • Report From Community Banking's Trenches
  • The [mortgage] industry's next level of compliance: Preservation via blockchain
  • Real Estate News

June 2017 Title Notes E-News

  • How to Calm Type A Tendencies
  • 10 Phrases That Make You Sound Less Confident
  • Small Business, Big Attraction: Can small business banking be personal?
  • Small Businesses Are Confronting Bank Lending Hurdles
  • Who Can Attract the Young Workforce in Mortgage Finance?
  • Banks are Marketing Like It's 1999
  • The Key to Boosting Employee Engagement ...It's Not What You Think
  • Real Estate News

May 2017 Title Notes E-News

  • Emotional Intelligence: The gap between mediocrity and high performance
  • Sharpen Your Commercial Communications
  • Banks are Suddenly Scaling Back Lending, and Wall Street Isn't Sure What to Make of It
  • ALTA Urges CFPB to Warn Consumers About Real Estate Funds Phishing Scams
  • Meet the Bankers Title Team
  • Hey Banks! Survey Says You're Too Confident in Your Cybersecurity Efforts
  • Attention Lenders: The CFPB is Now Focusing More on Fair Lending in Mortgages
  • Real Estate News

April 2017 Title Notes E-News

  • The Difference Between Boss vs. Leader
  • A Survival Strategy for Smaller Banks
  • Stephen Covey's Best Selling Strategy: Talk About Results, Not About Your Product
  • Why [Business] Banking Needs More Transparency
  • Survey Finds Mortgage Applicants Prefer In-Person Interactions
  • Real Estate News

March 2017 Title Notes E-News

  • What Great Leaders Say to Highly Engaged Teams
  • 6 Biggest Themes Affecting Bank Compliance in 2017
  • MBA Forecast for Economy: Lookin' Good!
  • Big Smiles and Friendly Hellos Are Killing Your Community Bank
  • Taking Care of Businesses: Why you must get in your business client's corner
  • Real Estate News

February 2017 Title Notes E-News

  • On Leadership and Hiring
  • Pressing Issues: Four Big Hot Buttons in Regulatory Credit Risk Management
  • 17 Proven Productivity Techniques You Can Start Using Today
  • A Look at FHA Mortgage Insurance Premiums Through the Decades
  • Gen Z: The Dawning of a New Disruption
  • Real Estate News

January 2017 Title Notes E-News

  • We Asked a Bunch of Top Bankers What to Expect for Wall Street in 2017
  • How to Turn Employees Into Leaders
  • Survey Says! The Biggest Threats to Housing: Compliance Burdens, Access to Credit
  • The Strategic Risk Community Banks May Not Have Considered
  • Want Loyal Customers? Start Talking About Their Emotions!
  • Real Estate News

December 2016 Title Notes E-News

  • Pay Attention to Your Words -- They Can Change Your World
  • CFPB Updates Guidance on Lender Supervision of Third-Party "Service Providers"
  • Bye-Bye Regulation, the Mortgage Industry Found a New Focus: Technology Innovation
  • December Holiday Closings
  • Culture is Key .. Articles to help you establish a positive and productive work culture
  • Happy "Grew" Year: Five Best Sales Practices for Banks in 2017
  • What's in Store for Housing in 2017?

November 2016 Title Notes E-News

  • 10 Acts of Humanity Standout Leaders Perform Daily
  • 5 Ways the CFPB Constitutionality Ruling Impacts Banks and Consumers
  • Real Estate Loans: Title Insurance – What is its Value?
  • ALTA Survey Finds Customer Confusion Remains With New Disclosures
  • Holiday Schedule for Courthouses and VTC
  • Useful Personal Development Tips
  • 10 Ways Banking Will Be Different in 2020
  • Lenders Need to Focus on HMDA Changes
  • Here are the Top 5 Trends in Real Estate Over the Past 35 Years

October 2016 Title Notes E-News

  • 8 Culture Change Secrets Most Leaders Don’t Understand
  • Mortgage Defects are Skyrocketing. The Cause? TRID
  • Useful Personal Development Tips
  • Help Your Bank Attract Top Talent
  • Small Business Lending: Can You Compete?
  • Defining Community Banks’ Future for Success
  • What Colors Make A Room Look Bigger and other Real Estate News

September 2016 Title Notes E-News

  • The Latest News on TRID
  • Top Ten Reasons to Care For Your Culture
  • How Community Banks Can Win Treasury Management Business
  • Useful Personal Development Tips
  • the Key to Success in the Mortgage Business: Making Mentorship Work
  • Lenders Win When Originators Attend the Closing
  • How to Pursue the Long-Term Strategy and Avoid the Big Short
  • Creating a Great Customer Experience
  • 5 Ways Your Community Bank is Giving Up
  • 3 Tax Deductions All Agents Should Utilize Immediately

August 2016 Title Notes E-News

  • Unleashing Your Employees’ Super Powers
  • Bankers Title Introduces Heather Bishop, Settlement Processor
  • Three Tips for Growing Core Customer Relationships
  • Useful Personal Development Tips
  • Automating Loan Decisions for Small Businesses
  • The First Question in Strategic Planning: ‘What Can Go Wrong?’
  • Creating a Great Customer Experience
  • Like Kind Exchange Gaining in Popularity

July 2016 Title Notes E-News

  • Support West Virginia Flood Relief Efforts
  • Digital Detox: How to Unplug And Why You Should
  • Work-Life Balance is a Myth
  • Get time ON your side: 10 tips to improve time management and productivity
  • Industry Hot Topic: TILA/RESPA Integrated Disclosures (TRID) Part XVI
    • Do you think CFPB TRID changes will heal mortgage market pain?
    • Answers you need on how the CFPB enforces TRID
    • The CFPB needs to fix this title insurance issue with TRID
    • Post-TRID, More Homebuyers Reading Their Mortgage Disclosures
  • These Common Title Problems Can Snag Your Home Closing
  • Giving the Financial Industry Permission to Fail Faster
  • Loan officers, should you be making a six-figure salary?
  • Five Ways to Improve Your Bank's Commercial Lending  Department
  • News for Community Bankers:
    • How are regulations affecting small banks?
    • Investing in Formal Leadership Development and Succession Planning
    • 5 Steps to a Great Bank Experience in the Age of the Customer
  • Economist Says  Summer May Be the Hottest Season to Buy and Sell
  • A Few Articles on Culture in the Workplace

June 2016 Title Notes E-News

  • Finding Your Formula For Leading Others
  • Six Leadership Obstacles to Team Success
  • Industry Hot Topic: TILA/RESPA Integrated Disclosures (TRID) Part XV
    • CFPB: Changes to  TRID Coming Soon
    • Is TRID Encouraging Smarter Homebuyers?
    • How to Disclose Flood Insurance on TRID Documents
  • Operations Corner
  • Education and Training
  • Staffing News - Welcome to Vicky Carter, Settlement Processor
  • Community Corner
  • Investors Title Recognized as Top 25 Best-Run NC Public Companies
  • What Do Community Banks and a Renaissance Politician Have in Common?
  • Next Major Issues Lenders Need to Tackle: Cybersecurity
  • Small Business Lending: Partnering Your Way to the Top
  • How to beat out other homebuyers when there is no inventory

April 2016 Title Notes E-News

  • 5 Tips to Improve Nonverbal Communication in Meetings
  • Industry Hot Topic: TILA/RESPA Integrated Disclosures (TRID) Part XIV
    • TRID Tip: Did you know that some of the issues seen on the secondary market can be fixed at closing?
    • Examples of Common TRID Errors
  • Empty Your Cup: Time to unlearn entrenched habits
  • 7 Reasons Why Every Homebuyer Needs Owner's Title Insurance
  • How Closing Funds Get Hijacked by Fraudsters
  • Here are the top 5 marketing risks for mortgage loan officers
  • Banks Should Be Like Camels .... huh?!
  • Don't Use E-Mail to Manage Transactions

March 2016 Title Notes E-News

  • Motivation: Recommended Daily
  • Industry Hot Topic: TILA/RESPA Integrated Disclosures (TRID) Part XIII
    • It's Official: TRID Kills Mortgage Profits
  • Time to Worry About Revised HMDA is Now
  • Changing the Message About Mortgage Lenders: From Villain to Hero
  • The Best Voicemail Your Bank Has Ever Left
  • 5 Things Real Estate Agents Should Know About Low Down Payment Options

February 2016 Title Notes E-News

  • The 7 Essential Practices of Leadership That Work
  • Industry Hot Topic: TILA/RESPA Integrated Disclosures (TRID) Part XII
    • Oops! CFPB Quietly Fixes Error in TRID Rule
  • 4 Ways to Improve Loan Officer and Real Estate Agent Relationships
  • Becoming the Bank Your Customers Love
  • Investors Title Announces 4th Quarter and Fiscal Year 2015 Results
  • Are Banks Charging Enough for Their Loan Risk?
  • Freddie Mac Launches Online Tool to Help Real Estate Professionals

January 2016 Title Notes E-News

  • 6 Strategies for Building Teams that Go the Distance
  • Industry Hot Topic: TILA/RESPA Integrated Disclosures (TRID) Part XI
    • Why TRID is Far Worse Than Anyone Thought
  • 10 Best Money Tips From Dave Ramsey of All Time
  • What Keeps Bankers Awake at Night
  • Avoiding Potential Pitfalls With Title Insurance
  • Community Banks Will Own the Next Decade, If...
  • Community Lenders Are Essential to the Future of Mortgage Banking
  • 7 Non-Negotiables For Your Real Estate Marketing Plan

December 2015 Title Notes E-News

  • Ways to Awaken the Potential in Your Workforce
  • Industry Hot Topic: TILA/RESPA Integrated Disclosures (TRID) Part X
    • TRID Hasn't Caused Any Major Lending Delays ... So Far
    • NAR: TIRD Delays Minimal in Closing Process
  • 7 Common Money Traps Even Smart People Fall Into
  • Six Logical Things Mr. Spock Might Say About Long-Term Client Relationships
  • Mortgage Company Sues Owners of 400 Georgetown Homes Over Titles
  • Here's the Truth Behind 6 Millennial Stereotypes in Lending
  • 7 Coaching Steps: Avoid These Pitfalls at Your Community Bank
  • 5 Things You Didn't Learn in Real Estate Class

October 2015 Title Notes E-News

  • You Can’t Fix Lazy, Crazy and Stupid
  • Industry Hot Topic: TILA/RESPA Integrated Disclosures (TRID) Part IX
    • Transitional Period and Initial Supervisory Practice Over TRID
  • Robyn's Operation Corner - Bankers Title Housekeeping Helpful Hints
  • Is the Mortgage Industry Entering a New Era of Partnership?
  • Want a Great Team? Build a Great Culture.
  • Bankers Title Team Participates in All-VBA Managed Agency Meeting
  • Don’t Forget About Your Bank Employees!
  • VTC –  Commitment to the Industry and our Communities
  • 7 Essential Steps to Build a Strong Work Ethic
  • RE News: Online Visibility Boosting Tips You Can Implement Today
  • The Future of Banking: Four Scenarios
  • VBA Credit Management Conference — Door Prize Winners Announced

September 2015 Title Notes E-News

  • What 11 Successful People Wish They'd Known About Money In Their 20's
  • Industry Hot Topic: TILA/RESPA Integrated Disclosures (TRID) Part VIII
    • Redefining When The Mortgage Process Starts
    • MBA Launches Know Before You Owe for Homebuyers and Mortgage Lenders
    • Bankers Title Rate Calculator for accurate quotes for Loan Estimate
  • 7 Marketing Programs Every Community Bank Needs
  • Do You Have Fans Like This?
  • Growing Your Mortgage Business in an Unpredictable Environment
  • 6 Ways To Make Meetings More Productive
  • 3 Scenarios Where It's Crucial to Possess an Owner's Title Insurance Policy
  • We're About to Reach the Halfway Point of Recovery, But What's Next?
  • Top 4 Performance Stats That Will Blow Your Mind

August 2015 Title Notes E-News

  • What Exceptional Leaders See
  • Industry Hot Topic: TILA/RESPA Integrated Disclosures (TRID) Part VII
    • Three Takeaways From the TRID Trenches
    • Tolerances with TRID
    • The Production Challenges Beyond TRID
    • TRID Compliance Questions
  • Five Steps for Hiring Bankers Who Can Sell
  • CFPB to Mortgage Industry: Get out of MSAs
  • 5 Strategies To Bring More Happiness To Your Life
  • Top 10 Time Wasters In Community Banking
  • The 8 Biggest Concerns for REALTORS

July 2015 Title Notes E-News

  • 10 Habits of Ultra-Likeable Leaders
  • Industry Hot Topic: TILA/RESPA Integrated Disclosures (TRID) Part VI
    • It's Official ... October 3rd is effective date for TRID
    • The Top 5 Things to Know About TRID
  • Robyn's Operational Corner
  • Linking Accountability to Strategy
  • Lykken on Leadership: Seven Ways to Motivate Your Team When Times are Tough
  • How Great Customer Service is Really Delivered
  • Romance Isn't Dead Between Community Banks and Customers ... Yet
  • Buy...Rent...Buy...Rent...BUY: The Millennial Struggle For The American Dream

June 2015 Title Notes E-News

  • Four Ideas That Could Influence the Future of Community Banks
  • Industry Hot Topic: TILA/RESPA Integrated Disclosures (TRID) Part V
    • CFPB Announces Two-Month Delay on TRID Enactment
    • Changes In Store for Residential Mortgage Loan Closings
    • Investors Announces TRID Training On-Demand
    • TRID Changes and People Skills
  • 8 Behaviours of Phenomenally Successful People
  • Why Banks Should Stop Fighting and Learn to Love Regulators
  • Back-Office Hiring Now a Front-and-Center Focus for Lenders
  • Real Estate Resources
  • 10 Mistakes Banks Sales Leaders Should Never Make

May 2015 Title Notes E-News

  • Industry Hot Topic: TILA/RESPA Integrated Disclosures (TRID) Part IV
  • Challenges of Communicating with Coworkers
  • Behind the Scenes at Bankers Title
  • Bankers: Think about what gets measured.
  • How to Read a Potential Homebuyer's Mind
  • How Community Banks Can Seize Opportunity in the Mortgage Market
  • Avoid Loan Portfolio Fire Alarms

April 2015 Title Notes E-News

  • Industry Hot Topic: TILA/RESPA Integrated Disclosures (TRID) Part III
  • 10 Types of People Who Will Help Your Business Succeed
  • Working With Competitors Can Help Community Banks Thrive
  • The VTC Title Tip: 12 Top Title Terms You Should Know
  • Give Small Firms a Reason to Bank With You
  • 4 Subjects All Real Estate Agents Should Master
  • How Top Producers Create a Five-Star Experience for the Borrower
  • Business Intelligence for Banking

March 2015 Title Notes E-News

  • Industry Hot Topic: TILA/RESPA Integrated Disclosures (TRID) Part II
  • 10 Bad Habits You Need to Break to Be More Productive
  • Regional and Community Banks: Experts Talk Challenges and Opportunities
  • VTC Title Tip: 3 Things Consumers Should Consider when Shopping for a Title Company
  • House Committee Grills Cordray on QM, Mortgage Regulations
  • Out of Touch: The Importance of Staying Grounded in the [Mortgage] Industry
  • NAR: Millennials Still Want Real Estate Agents

February 2015 Title Notes E-Blast

  • The 8 Instinctive Habits of Remarkable Leaders
  • Seminar: TILA-RESPA Integrated Mortgage Disclosure Rule Implementation. Together We're Prepared!
  • Bankers Title Introduces Lisa Coleman Miller
  • What Does Barney Frank Think of Dodd-Frank Now?
  • Mortgage Choice Act Reintroduced in Congress
  • Why Community Banks Matter, and Will Survive
  • The BT Title Tip
  • Upcoming New Mortgage Rules Have You Wondering Where to Turn?
  • Tips and Tricks from Top Producers
  • Ten Things Banks Should Do, But Generally Don't
  • Why Loan Types are Fueling Bank Growth?