What we do

  • Coordinate a Search of the Legal Records Pertaining to the Property to Determine What Will Be Required To Clear Title for this Transaction
  • Obtain Payoffs for Existing Mortgages and Other Liens as Required
  • Keep All Parties Informed of the Progress in the Settlement Process
  • Schedule and Conduct the Closing Ceremony
  • Collect and Properly Disburse Fund to the Borrower, Seller, Lender and Service Providers
  • Secure a Title Insurance Policy for the Benefit of the Lender and the Borrower as Desired
  • Coordinate Production of Legal Documents with Legal Counsel as Needed
  • Prorate and Adjust Insurance, Taxes, Rents, Etc.
  • Recording the Deed and Related Loan Documents
  • Maintain Security and Accountability of Monies Owed and Owing
  • Comply with all Applicable Federal, State and Local Laws, Regulations and Directives

Our owner banks boast over 200 branches throughout the Greater Richmond, Peninsula, and Hampton Roads regions of Virginia.  With all of these locations to serve you, Bankers Title is in your community on a regular basis as we meet customers and settle loan transactions in bank locations throughout the region.  We can settle your loan transactions in your local bank or through a local attorney’s office in the same professional and courteous manner as we would in one of our offices.  We are happy to answer any questions you have concerning any of our settlement services.  You can also send us an email at closings@bankerstitle.com.