2018 BT E-Newsletter Archives

December 2018 Title Notes E-News

  • Upcoming Holiday Schedules
  • Four Keys to Attract the Best Talent at Your Financial Services Organization
  • What’s the Right Strategy for Growing a Mortgage Business In the Midst of a Downturn?
  • The Surprising Reason Emerging Leaders Stop Emerging
  • Podcast: Sales and the Magic Touch of High-Touch Coaching
  • People Prefer Small Banks, But the Clock is Ticking
  • Mortgage Escrow Fraud is a $1 Billion Cyber Threat – Here’s What Homebuyers Need to Know
  • Real Estate News

November 2018 Title Notes E-News

  • November and December Holiday Schedules
  • It’s Not Fear That Gets In The Way of Daring Leadership. It’s Our Armor.
  • Rolling With the Dodd-Frank Rollback
  • 7 Coffee Facts You Need to Know Now
  • Hundreds of Mortgage Execs Ask CFPB to Change LO Pay Rules
  • Rethinking Compensation Incentives Crucial For the Banking Industry
  • Title Search vs. Title Policy … Do you know the differences?
  • Real Estate News

October 2018 Title Notes E-News

  • This is How Great Leaders Develop Successful People
  • Confronting the Greatest Risks Facing the Future of Banking
  • Home Loans Get Hot as More Millennials Make the Move
  • The Best Way to Offer an Opinion on Anything
  • Do You Know What Your Lending Customers Really Want?
  • Real Estate News

September 2018 Title Notes E-News

  • How Great Managers Can Help Reduce Stress
  • VTC Making An Impact In Our Communities
  • A Little Less Regulation From the CFPB, a Little More Action From the States
  • Securitization for Community Banks
  • How to Start Team Accountability When You Never Have Before
  • Simple Productivity Hacks to Immediately Improve Your Effectiveness
  • Can You Be An Independent Thinker and a Team Player?
  • Bank Compliance News
  • Resources to Prevent Your Company From Becoming a Victim of Fraud
  • Real Estate News

August 2018 Title Notes E-News

  • Free CLE and Education Seminars Announced
  • Tips for Supercharging Your Leadership Credibility
  • Fraudulent Payoff Statement Results in Big Losses
  • Cultivating Courage to Lead
  • Insights for Young Mortgage Professionals from David Stevens, President & CEO, Mortgage Bankers Association
  • Give [Banking] Customers What They Want: Less and More
  • You Can’t Handle the Truth: Debunking 6 Popular Commercial Real Estate Myths
  • The World’s First Family to Live in a 3D-Printed HOme
  • Real Estate News

July 2018 Title Notes E-News

  • 10 Things Unstoppable People Do That Average People Don’t
  • Bring Your Pet To Work Day- VTC Pets
  • 5 Key Tech Tools To Engage Your Modern Buyer – Handy checklist for LO’s
  • 5 Ways Smart Sales Managers Optimize 1:1 Coaching Time
  • The 3 Moments That Matter Most in Sales and How to Better Prepare for Them
  • Are You Prepared to Embrace Change, Take Risks and Disrupt Yourself?
  • How to Win The Small Business Banking Market
  • Small Business, Big Opportunity
  • Real Estate News

June 2018 Title Notes E-News

  • Be Your Best Self Every Day In Every Way
  • Five Ways Financial Services Organizations Can Build Trust
  • Why Introverts Might Actually Be Better Networkers
  • You’re A Bad Listener: Here’s How to Remember What People Say
  • A Sure Strategy For a Shrinking Refi Market: Put Borrowers First
  • Commercial Real Estate News
  • Real Estate News

May 2018 Title Notes E-News

  • Ten Habits of Mentally Strong People
  • Drought Hits Community Banks’ Deposit Farm
  • MBA Tech: What’s Next for the Mortgage Industry?
  • No End In Sight: How to grow profits beyond end-to-end commercial lending
  • Real Estate News

April 2018 Title Notes E-News

  • The Importance of Surveys
  • Experiencing Organizational Change? Avoid These 6  Common Mistakes…
  • Do Loan Officers Really Need to Attend Closings?
  • Cross-selling, Without Crossing the Line: The powerful value proposition for smart, compliant banks
  • The Skill Set of the Future: Seven essential habits to own and hone for greater success
  • Real Estate News

March 2018 Title Notes E-News

  • Mindfulness: How Being Present Can Make You a Better Manager
  • Should [community bank] Board Members Have “Skin in the Game”?
  • Nationwide Adoption of Online Notarization Just Took a Big Step Forward
  • 10 Habits That Will Dramatically Improve Your Life
  • Commercial Mortgage Originations Ended 2017 on a Nigh Note
  • CRE: Upbeat for 2018, Cautious for 2019
  • Real Estate News

February 2018 Title Notes E-News

  • Holiday Schedules, Office and Courthouse Closures
  • How to Stop Procrastinating
  • Virginia Title Center Welcomes Kathleen Spano to the Team Full Time
  • MBA Economist is Mostly Optimistic on Housings’ Future
  • Charges Associated With Closing Protection Letters
  • Banks ‘don’t even have a plan A’ For Another Financial Crisis Rogoff Says
  • What Great Leaders Know About Conflict
  • Setting Sale: How to Build a Winning Cross-Silo Referral Program
  • Real Estate News

January 2018 Title Notes E-News

  • Holiday Schedules, Office and Courthouse Closures
  • Join us for Our Open House on January 25
  • How to be a Better Leader in 2018!
  • 2018 Regulatory Changes Your Bank Should Be Watching
  • David Stevens: Here’s the MBA View on GSE Reform
  • Why SMB Lending Equals Smart Money for Banks
  • How to Worry Better
  • Real Estate News